Now I'm a newly hatched role-playing chicken, one of those little blind little rascals who lives, albeit just barely.

Just finished my second round of Chaosium Inc 's Call Of Cthulhu which is a RPG and is also playable online via such wonderful services as Roll20 and can be found along with a whole host of other playable titles on StartPlaying where you do the actual gameplay with a "Game Master" man found via the first link and other players from around the world.

Communication (via a headset) takes place via Discord. There will be a lot of talking so a headset and microphone are a must.

As a fan of HP Lovecraft's stories, I have longed for a different way, one via reading his stories to spend time in something similar to his crazy stories, through I got the chance to find a game to participate in.

Everything is managed via the web and the actual gameplay is done at on the web where you can learn the basics, how everything works with dice rolls, the skills your character has and how to draw points from Sanity when things go completely to hell because it does before or later when playing Call of Cthulhu.

Im rambling, I know but do you have an ounce of imagination, are a bit adventurous and feel like you want more spice in your normal life and maybe want to try being a completely different person if only for a couple of hours so why not try giving the role playing a try.

As I said, have only played twice. The first time I had to create my own character, which ended in me becoming a cowardly cigar-chomping taxi driver. This time they had to take the turns and everything was different.

We played the adventure A Message of Art and it is described as follows (in English and everything)

The investigators are invited to attend the closing party of the Salon de la Rose + Croix, rubbing shoulders with the Parisian elite, while finding out that the cost of truly great art is sometimes death.

I had to choose from ready-made and already created characters, which meant that I could be a character completely different from my real self. The character I chose was Donatien Benoit


An arrogant Journalist/Art critic, one who thinks he is a little better and also looks down on most people around him. According to the very talented game director, I succeeded quite well in the role of my character, this game took place in Paris during the 1920s and as the only European, I succeeded as a half-skilled Swede with the French pronunciations reasonably well, but in the end it didn't help much.

I ended the game not knowing what happened when I woke up sitting on a chair in a hospital. What I myself know outside of my character in the game is that my party was visiting an artist couple when a woman in the party sees what looks like the arms of an octopus made of wood by a lake and a woman in the party decides to throw a rock in the lake for some completely inexplicable and idiotic reason.

It made my roleplaying character suffer because he should not be a coward but decides to try to save the woman who kills in the hill when soon after she throws a stone into the lake gets an arm in the shape of a wooden octopus in the skull ends there , waking up on a chair in a hospital unaware of what has just happened. One should not throw stones either in a glass house or in a lake where something mysterious is bubbling under the surface.

Before all this happened, people have been to an invitation to a gallery, sniffed smoke at an opening and looked into the future where a body is lying on a toilet with half the skull blown away, only to experience what they had just predicted would happen minutes later in some intoxication where some foul smoke was inhaled. All this took place in Paris sometime during the 1920s together with a lot of wonderful co-players who are characters in the form of artists, publishers or just hideously shady people.

It didn't end well, a little sprained we can say. In any case, my character didn't die, but had severe amnesia, didn't go crazy either, but it was probably only a matter of time. Much more than what I've written here happened, a lot was things that wouldn't happen in the real world, but that's a little bit the charm of role-playing games. Being faced with things that are not reasonable, rolling dice and seeing how your character succeeds with the choices you make and trying to survive in these situations. To be someone else for a couple of hours and be faced with absurdities beyond our own reality.

There will be more of this, next time I'll take the turns even more and if we somehow get close to something octopus-like, maybe I'll choose to make Calamari Pityt of everything or slowly lose all my Sanity points , scream, hide and hope the digital dice roll correctly.

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