In 2012 I just started what now is my current job. I've met my Wife and had moved to her apartment in Borlänge. Got a fresh start and had moved to a town which I've always liked and had as some sort of mental barrier of where I could move too and still be able to keep my head above the surface. The town of Borlänge (or Borlange for you non Swedes) is one of the largest towns in the Dalarna county.

There are big industries here and it has always been a source of some of the greatest music to have come from Sweden (Jussi Björling is just one example) and it also had one of the biggest festivals in Sweden called Peace & Love where artists like Iggy & The Stooges, Faith No More, Turbonegro, Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Rihanna, Mumford & Sons have played thru out the years (1999-2019 with a hiatus during 2013 due to a bankruptcy )

Anyways, in 2012 a band called My Morning Jacket played and I felt uncertain if I could go since they played at a late hour of the day. I had just got an employment over the summer at a small school that was open during the summer holidays for kids that has parents working during the summer holidays. To make a long story short, I skipped this concert which I have regreted ever since.

Listen to the lyrics of My Morning Jacket's "Victory Dance" I think I should have gone and seen they perform when I had the chance (A show I've heard was amazing). Will I someday do my own Victory Dance? Will you? What I really wanted to say with this post was that if you ever get a chance, take it. Otherwise you will never have won anything.