To prove that Im not an "sour old bump" I'll give show you another of my favorites. Goldfrapp and "Strict Machine"

I love the sounds that Nils Frahm creates. I really don't want to put him next to my master (Vangelis) since their styles differ so much but he sure does know what to do with electronic keys.

An other old favorite of mine, David Gray (might be the same age as me?) which I first cought performing his song "Please forgive me" on David Letterman and I've since then kept my ears pealed on his tunes.

In 2012 I just started what now is my current job. I've met my Wife and had moved to her apartment in Borlänge. Got a fresh start and had moved to a town which I've always liked and had as some sort of mental barrier of where I could move too and still be able to keep my head above the surface. The...

King Buffalo is another great band that I found, finding bands like these guys are one of the elemental things that keeps life going forward

A group of guys from Rochester in U.S.A that sure knows how great Music should sound like

I'll keep this post updated with my favorite tracks of theirs, fi...